5º Diálogo Brasil-Alemanha de Ciência, Pesquisa e Inovação - Apresentações

Acesse aqui as apresentações dos palestrantes do 5º Diálogo Brasil-Alemanha de Ciência, Pesquisa e Inovação, realizado em 29 e 30 de novembro pelo DWIH-SP na cidade de São Paulo. A edição teve como tema “The City of Tomorrow – Tackling Urban Challenges and Opportunities”. 

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Álvaro Prata, Vice-Minister for Technological Development and Innovation: "Public Policies for Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil"

Painel 1

  • Gerald Wood, University of Münster: "Urban Visions/Visions of the Urban"
  • Bernhard Müller, Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development: "Urban planning and governance after Quito: New impulses for the international debate?"
  • Marielisa Padilla, Fraunhofer IAO: "The Fraunhofer approach to Smart Cities – an opportunity for
    sustainable urbanization in Brazil"
  • Maria Cristina da Silva Leme, FAU-USP: "Challenges of urban planning and urban governance in São Paulo"
  • Thomas Bartoschek, University of Münster: "Interfacing Urban Climate and Participation"
  • Maria Alexandra Cunha, FGV: "Urban Lab/Creative City"
  • Martin Gegner, FU Berlin: "`Revitalizing´ or `Gentrifying´ the Very Center of Berlin?"

Painel 2.1

  • Sahar Sodoudi, FU Berlin: "Energy saving through mitigationof Urban Heat Island"
  • Paulo Barbosa, Unicamp: "Modeling Hydro and Renewable Energy Supply in Existing Power System: Research Challenges to Address Variability, Growing Expansion and Sustainability"
  • Stephan Pauleit, TU München: "The Power of Green. Urban green infrastructure for climate change adaptation and human well-­being"
  • Gilberto Januzzi, Unicamp: "Energy research in urban context: some issues being investigated""
  • Gabriela Rossi, UFRJ: "Urban Ecology: Concepts and Trends in Practice and Research"

Painel 2.2

  • Werner Sternad, IGB: "Energy Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment: Ressource Sludge"
  • Doris Kowaltowski, Unicamp: "Tackling challenges of the built environment"
  • Marcelo Zaiat, USP: "Biorefinery Concept Applied to Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants"
  • Angelika Fink, Hessenwasser GmbH: "Managing water supply and agricultural irrigation in the Rhine-­Main-­area (Hessia)"
  • Nilo Nascimento, UFMG: "Blue Green Approaches in the Development Planning for the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte"