German-Brazilian Workshop - Smart Manufacturing, Logistics & Energy Systems – Industrial Needs Meet Research Developments

Recife, PE 
University of Münster and Polytechnic School of University of Pernambuco 

The ever-rising capabilities of computers and software systems are currently leading to a paradigm shift in manufacturing, logistics and energy systems. In all of these areas, technical systems are equipped with sensors, computing and communication devices utilizing modern software approaches as well as communicating through the internet in order to realize a high degree of autonomy in their operation as well as an orchestration of their activities.

This convergence leads to a massive change in the way goods are produced and transported as well as energy being generated and distributed with reduced environmental footprint. Furthermore, software systems stemming from Machine Learning/Computational Intelligence enable effective analyses of big data volumes, making fast and optimized decisions about the planning and control of production, logistics and energy networks. This was not possible some years ago and Industry is picking up this technological change with an increasing speed. Consequently, sustainable development aware companies ought to consider the applicability of these technologies for their own businesses.

Within this workshop, professors and scientists from different universities and research centers from Germany and Brazil will describe their current research results and application cases to different industries. Moreover, the demands, problems and future requirements of the regional industries in these fast-developing areas will be discussed in thematic work groups, aiming at sketching out possibilities to address identified needs. Thus, the workshop will match both ends in order to show up ways how research and industry can jointly develop innovations, in line with different Brazilian State strategies for Science, Technology and Innovation, particularly regarding Industry 4.0.

The workshop is organized by the Department of Information Systems and Logistics and the Brazil Center of the University of Münster (WWU Münster) and the Polytechnic School of University of Pernambuco (UPE), with the support of the State Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Pernambuco.

In order to participate at the Workshop, please register here:

Registration will close on August 21.

The event will be realized at Hotel Atlante Plaza (Av. Boa Viagem, 5426 - Boa Viagem, Recife)