The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the largest application-oriented research organization in Europe. Its activities are conducted by 80 research units, including 66 Fraunhofer institutes throughout Germany. Its team consists of more than 24 thousand people, most of them researchers and engineers, who work with an annual research budget of more than two billion euros. Of this amount, about 1.8 billion euros is generated by contracted research. Over 70% of the contracted research revenue is derived from industry and from research projects with public funding.

International collaborations with outstanding research partners and innovative companies around the world ensure Fraunhofer direct access to regions of great scientific and economic importance, today and in the future. There are research centers and representative offices in the European Union, North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Due to the growing Brazilian demand for innovative technologies, Fraunhofer has bet on the great potential of the introduction of its technological innovations and research activities in the Brazilian market. Approximately one third of all the Fraunhofer institutes already have some kind of activity in Brazil. The office in São Paulo is an interface with research institutions, universities and enterprises of the country and also connects the German Fraunhofer institutes and their network of industrial partners with the Brazilian market.

The Fraunhofer Project Centers (FPCs) in Brazil work in cooperation with national partners in the areas of biomass, bioenergy and industrial infrastructure. In 2012 an FPC for Software and Systems Engineering was inaugurated in Salvador at the UFBA (Universidade Federal da Bahia), located in the Technology Park. The FPC for Innovations in Food and Bioresources was opened in 2014 in the Institute of Food Technology (ITAL) in Campinas. In addition, Fraunhofer has a doctoral program and support for visiting scientists in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and also in 2015 entered into partnerships with research institutions as EMBRAPII and SENAI.

Andrea Mandalka
Head of Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil
Tel .: +55 (11) 5187-5090
E-mail: [email protected]