Germany - Centers of Innovation

A large number of organizations actively participate in the development of innovation in Germany. Among them are the technology transfer departments within scientific organizations and universities, development agencies for innovation and technology parks. Small and medium-sized enterprises also have an important role in creating new products and services. Below are some actors in the German innovation scenario.

German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centres (BVIZ)
The BVIZ brings together 150 incubators,  innovation, technology and business centers, as well as scientific and technological parks. The association supports its members, guiding them in the creation of new businesses and supervising innovative and technology-oriented businesses. With this initiative, the BVIZ supports the emergence and growth of small and medium enterprises, which become regional promotion agents of the economy.

German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF)
The central concern of AiF is to promote applied research and development in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). AiF has developed a single infrastructure for the purpose of constituting an industry based on innovation networks. More than 100 industrial research associations belong to these networks, with approximately 50,000 companies (principally SMEs), as well as two of their own offices in Cologne and Berlin, Germany.

Fraunhofer - Innovation Clusters
The institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft actively work as innovation agents through their clusters, which articulate skills and unite resources in research nuclei. The clusters form a bridge between industry and scientific research. This connection among research organizations, investors and companies creates networks of contacts, generating ideas for new business processes and even the founding of new companies.

Helmholtz - Technology transfer
The Helmholtz Association promotes research involving the government and society with the aim of bringing about improvements in the population's quality of life. The association transforms scientific knowledge into innovation, with around 400 new patents per year and more than 13,000 scientific publications, along with two thousand collaborative projects with industry.

Leibniz Association
The Leibniz Association connects 89 independent research institutions. They all work with issues of social, economic and ecological relevance. They conduct basic applied research, maintain a scientific infrastructure and provide research-based services. They also collaborate closely with universities, through the "Leibniz Science Campi ".

Max Plank Innovation 
The Max Planck Innovation is the organization responsible for transferring to the market patented and not patented inventions and technologies developed in the Max Planck institutes, beyond negotiating and making licensing agreements It offers research institutes consultation on patent issues and organizes registrations and licenses. In addition, there is a team that offers researchers of the Max Planck Society professional assistance for creating new companies, as long as they make use of technologies coming from Max Planck. The Max Planck Innovation also conducts business roundtables for new business financing.

The Innovation Agency of the Media and Film Society Baden-Württemberg (MFG)
The Media and Film Society Baden-Württemberg (MFG) has a public innovation agency, which aims to support entrepreneurship initiatives, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The place is recognized as a center of excellence for creative industries, media and cinema in the state of Baden-Württemberg, located in southwestern Germany.

Technology Parks (Technologieparken)
Currently, 153 technological parks are associated with the German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centres (BVIZ). They harbor 5,800 companies and employ about 46,000 people.  Altogether, the parks have contributed to the formation of more than 17,400 new businesses.