Brazil - Innovation Agents

Much of the development of innovation in Brazil occurs in technology parks, with support from governments, institutions of higher and technical education and private companies. Other organizations focused on industrial production and services also contribute to innovative action in the country. Check out some successful initiatives below.

Senai Institutes of Innovation (ISI)
The National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship (Senai) foresees the implantation os 25 Senai Institutes of Innovation (ISIs), in 17 Brazilian states in order to stimulate  the integrated development of products, processes, applied research, the solution of complex problems and the anticipation of technological trends, which contributes to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Brazilian industry. Of the total number of institutes, 15 were already operating  in 2015 with 122 contracted projects. The ISIs are directed towards 26 areas of knowledge, among them: production, microelectronics, micromanufacturing, surface engineering and photonics, materials and components, communication and information technology, construction technology, as well as energy and defense.

Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation (Embrapii)
Embrapii has as its mission, to support scientific and technological research institutions, public or private, in selected areas of competence, so that they may carry out development projects of technological research for innovation, in cooperation with companies from the industrial sector. The organization has, as its focus, the demands of companies and, as its target, the sharing of risk in the pre-competitive phase of innovation. The aim is to stimulate industries based in Brazil to innovate more in order to enhance the competitive strength of companies in both the domestic and international markets.

Technology Parks
According to the study "Parks & Incubators for the development of Brazil", published in 2015, in order for Brazil to be able to consolidate and strengthen up to 100 technology parks over the next 15 years, it is estimated that a total investment of R$7.7 billion will be needed from the Federal, State, and Municipal governments, working together in an integrated manner with the programs that already exist.

Today, Brazil has 31 operating technology parks, according the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communications (MCTIC). Another 28 are in the process of being implemented and 49 are in the project phase. The survey also showed that there are 1,288 companies installed in the parks.

As for the incubators, as shown in a study done in 2016 by the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (ANPROTEC), in a partnership with SEBRAE, Brazil has 369 in operation, which host 2,310 incubated companies and 2,815 graduated companies, generating 53,280 job positions. The revenues of companies supported by incubators comes to more than R$15 billion.